BORG IT is an independent consulting company which was founded by Lauge Borg in 2003. Before setting up BORG IT ApS, Lauge Borg was involved in the establishment of one of the first consulting companies specializing in SAP IS-U in Germany.

SAP IS-U (Industry Solution for Utilities) is a SAP product that is used by many companies in the utilities industry. The software solution is based on the SAP standard (EAM). To date, BORG IT ApS has been providing SAP IT services and products to companies in the following industries for over 18 years:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy supply and production
  • Oil and gas industry

We are specialists and focus on the areas in which we are successfully active. We work closely with SAP AG in Germany and our extensive experience makes us experts in our field. We offer you a trusted, open and enduring co-operation which will benefit your company.

Our customers often need SAP specialists for a project where expert insight into the industry, market and IT systems is required. We also have customers who need extra manpower or special expertise over a certain period of time. We offer our customers the following services:

  • Preparation of technical and business analyses
  • Development of customer-specific IT functions and solutions
  • Employee training in SAP products
  • Development of integration solutions, both in the customer’s company as well as with suppliers and end users of the customer
  • Data migration from one system to another
  • Daily support of systems and interfaces
  • Implementation of tenders in the IT sector
  • Optimization of business processes and adaptation to legal requirements

​​We co-ordinate the technical work of the IT organisation and help our customers to find the optimal solutions and products for them.

Our customers are larger international companies in Europe and Scandinavia. We work internationally for (multi)national companies. Our work is practice-oriented and we see our solutions from a larger perspective. We follow trends and movements in the market. Therefore we know the market and suitable IT solutions and we always deliver tried and tested IT systems and solutions.

We enter into a close and enduring co-operation with our customers. We have been active in the industry for many years and we build a relationship of trust with our customers. For us, quality and reliability is top priority. A successfully completed project is the best advertisement for us. And our customers are satisfied! That is why they turn to us again and again - we have been working with many of them for 10 to 15 years.

Our experienced employees and partners have extensive SAP skills and are used to handling complex projects. Our employees understand the business processes and IT of your company and can therefore create a synergy effect.

Due to our long-standing market presence we have many contacts and a large network. Our work in the field of digitalization does not only cover SAP expertise. We also have extensive expertise and technology in the area of transmission and presentation of data from digital units and have successfully implemented this for many customers. This gives them direct access to data from electricity and water meters, solar systems and much more:  Digital Energy Monitoring and Real-time data acquisition.

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Here you can see some of the companies we have worked for

Through our many years of experience we have worked with numerous companies in various industries.

Integration of SAP in complex IT environments. We have many years of experience in consulting and developing SAP solutions for companies that produce or sell electricity, gas, water and heat.  

In close co-operation with our customers we have developed numerous mobile solutions. Our customers use them, for example, for the maintenance of oil platforms and ships, buildings and machines. 

Many large electricity providers need to replace their electricity meters with remote meters. Borg IT has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting and support in rollout planning and implementation.

Do you need swift support from one of our SAP experts?

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We offer immediate support from following senior SAP Developer (10 years of experience)

  • ABAP OO, Workflow, IS-U, IDex/Common Layer, Mobile Solutions and System Integration, Migration
  • Availability: Asap 50 % Remote (2,5 days per week)

You can find more information in the CV:

SAP Develooper Available with short notice