Real-time data acquisition​

Did you know that most digital meters can transmit data in real time? For example, an electricity meter can be read every 3 seconds and displayed on your smartphone via an app. This way, your consumption or production can be displayed in real time, for example on a homepage, smartphone or smartwatch. This easy access to information will change your behaviour and reduce your consumption without restricting your electricity use.

Imagine receiving an immediate alarm in the event of a burst pipe or leaking water. You will be able to react more quickly to limit water damage. Some insurance companies even offer a discount if such an alarm function is available. Monitoring with an alarm is a function that, hopefully, will never be needed, but if damage does occur, it can be kept to a minimum and costs can be avoided.

Perhaps you want to monitor the water and electricity consumption in your holiday home or apartment? Or maybe you own or manage property or facilities where you want to control consumption and/or production?

The possibilities are almost endless! Reducing consumption and optimizing your business is easier than you might think. This has been implemented thousands of times internationally and with our extensive experience and expertise we can offer you the optimal solution.

It is an easy way to take advantage of the benefits of digitalization. For many people this is new, but we have been in this business for over 15 years.

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Through our many years of experience we have worked with numerous companies in various industries.

Integration of SAP in complex IT environments. We have many years of experience in consulting and developing SAP solutions for companies that produce or sell electricity, gas, water and heat.  

In close co-operation with our customers we have developed numerous mobile solutions. Our customers use them, for example, for the maintenance of oil platforms and ships, buildings and machines. 

Many large electricity providers need to replace their electricity meters with remote meters. Borg IT has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting and support in rollout planning and implementation.

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