Oil and Gas​ Industry

The digital capabilities within an oil and gas company are largely data-driven.

BORG IT provides solutions and training for customers within the oil and gas industry, including mobile solutions that simplify plant monitoring and maintenance.

From a business perspective, it is of great importance to make the best use of all data in the value chain. This may require a change in the way data are collected and processed in your company.

Therefore, all existing systems and data applications need to be re-examined. Automation, software robots and artificial intelligence (AI), for example, can contribute to optimization. It is important that the considerable amount of data your company holds can be used across the whole business.

IT solutions that are designed as point-to-point solutions are not effective in the long term because they offer little flexibility and are too complex. In addition, support costs, for example, often increase immeasurably.

BORG IT helps your company address and solve these problems.

In the digital age, technology needs to be deployed rapidly across businesses in order to manage transaction volumes, user expectations and security regulations.

To achieve optimal results, a strategy must be put in place to ensure that the digital transformation is carried out with an eye to future developments. This challenges traditional technology and enables process automation, forward-looking analysis and software robots.​

Using data-driven capabilities requires a holistic approach to connecting data sources to create a homogeneous information architecture. This, in turn, enables digital transformation and results in just-in-time functionality with data for specific applications.

Companies in the oil and gas industry do not have to develop their own platforms.

BORG IT supports you in optimizing the technological systems of your company. We offer systemic consulting and help you to successfully integrate new technological components into your existing environment.

BORG IT is an official SAP test partner for new and upcoming digital SAP products. We have extensive practical experience within many areas of digital transformation and with SAP products and software solutions that create new, lean processes in your company.

Here you can see some of the companies we have worked for

Through our many years of experience we have worked with numerous companies in various industries.

Integration of SAP in complex IT environments. We have many years of experience in consulting and developing SAP solutions for companies that produce or sell electricity, gas, water and heat.  

In close co-operation with our customers we have developed numerous mobile solutions. Our customers use them, for example, for the maintenance of oil platforms and ships, buildings and machines. 

Many large electricity providers need to replace their electricity meters with remote meters. Borg IT has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting and support in rollout planning and implementation.

Do you need swift support from one of our SAP experts?

If you are interested, simply send an e-mail to borgit@borgit.com and you will receive a prompt response.​

We offer immediate support from following senior SAP Developer (10 years of experience)

  • ABAP OO, Workflow, IS-U, IDex/Common Layer, Mobile Solutions and System Integration, Migration
  • Availability: Asap 50 % Remote (2,5 days per week)

You can find more information in the CV:

SAP Develooper Available with short notice