Project Examples

BORG IT has been involved in the planning and implementation of SAP projects for the following customers:

Rollout of 1 Million Smart Meters in Denmark

Customer: Ørsted

The energy company Ørsted (then DONG Energy) was faced with the complex task of replacing about 1 million electricity meters at companies, for private end users and for street lighting. Within three years these were to be replaced with smart and remotely readable electricity meters. BORG IT was involved in this project from start to finish - from the tendering process to the commissioning of the meters.

BORG IT became part of this project because we were the only company on the Danish market with practical knowledge of SAP standard integration with systems for managing time series of data readings. Today, the read data are automatically retrieved from the electricity meters and stored in a system that is integrated with SAP. Messages can also be sent and received between electricity meters and SAP. This has significantly reduced the number of on-site visits to customers, which in turn means cost savings.

Initially, we assisted our customer as technical consultants in two major tenders:


  • ​One was the choice of an MDMS system (a system for receiving and checking time series). The MDMS system was to be integrated with SAP business processes using a standard SAP interface and functionality.
  • ​The other tender was to choose an electricity meter manufacturer, who would replace all electricity meters over a 3-year period and maintain them afterwards. Together, Ørsted and the manufacturer planned and developed business processes and an interface for processing work orders.

After the tenders, BORG IT was part of the project planning, requirements specification and introduction of IT systems and processes.

As part of the project, all existing business processes concerning electricity meters at Ørsted were adapted to the smart remote meters:


  • Master data management (installation, removal, programming, meter exchange) 

  • Reading processes (receiving and checking time series and aperiodic readings) 

  • Switch-on and switch-off processes (meters can be switched on and off remotely) Billing processes (new forms of billing for smart meters) 

  • Market communication (transmission of master data and meter reading data as well as on/off switching on the Danish market) 

  • Request of meter access codes 

  • Receiving alarm messages and information from meters

  • Programming of electricity meters

​Rollout of intelligent electricity meters and smart meter gateways on the German market

Customer: Vattenfall

Vattenfall Europe had the task of carrying out the switch to smart meters on the German market (Berlin). In Germany it is a regulation that the transmission of meter data from smart meters must be done through a so-called ‘Smart Meter Gateway’. This is a separate communication module which is installed together with the electricity meter. A Smart Meter Gateway can be connected to one or more meters. Therefore, on the German market new procedures regarding meter removal, replacement and installation had to be put in place. Another new feature was that the meters had to be reprogrammed.

BORG IT were able to implement these processes at Vattenfall thanks to our extensive SAP IS-U expertise and many years’ practical experience working on similar projects.

As part of the project, BORG IT delivered a product that enables Vattenfall to manage these new processes, with integration between the Smart Meter Gateway and the electricity meter being an important component. It allows the development of generic interface solutions and at the same time provides an excellent overview, which means the maintenance or further development of programs will be easier in the future.

SAP PM og MM Training of offshore staff on drilling vessels

Customer: Maersk Drilling / Maersk Training

Maersk Drilling had purchased a number of drilling vessels from its supplier in the Far East. MaerskDrilling uses SAP PM and MM for the regular and aperiodic maintenance of its fleet. Together with Maersk Training, BORG IT created a training manual and schedule, and our training staff was on board when the finished vessels left the shipyard with the new drilling crew. On the maiden voyage to the drilling position, employees received SAP training on board. The training courses were completed with an examination and a certificate.

BORG IT ApS were hired due to our extensive experience with SAP PM and MM and training experience from previous projects. The project required great flexibility in the implementation.

SAP sorting and processing of electronic transactions from banks and savings banks

Customer: Hamburger Wasserwerke - HWW

BORG IT supports our German customer, Hamburger Wasserwerke, in the integration and development of a user interface for the administration of payment transactions. Bank transfers are received in different data formats from different banks. With our solution, all these files can be received, sorted and stored in documents, which are then made available to other SAP systems. The application tool has a user-friendly interface and a very easy-to-use sorting mechanism which customers can maintain themselves.

Here you can see some of the companies we have worked for

Through our many years of experience we have worked with numerous companies in various industries.

Integration of SAP in complex IT environments. We have many years of experience in consulting and developing SAP solutions for companies that produce or sell electricity, gas, water and heat.  

In close co-operation with our customers we have developed numerous mobile solutions. Our customers use them, for example, for the maintenance of oil platforms and ships, buildings and machines. 

Many large electricity providers need to replace their electricity meters with remote meters. Borg IT has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting and support in rollout planning and implementation.

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