Digital electricity meters - we get your project off the ground!

The digitalization of electricity meters opens up new competitive opportunities for your company, as you can offer your customers new products and services. With the introduction of 5G, digitalization will increase dramatically in many areas of everyday life.

BORG IT offers services and products to companies which want to take advantage of the positive benefits of digitalization while avoiding negative risks:


​As a utility or distribution company in the energy industry, digital electricity meters enable you to offer your customers new products and services while reducing your company’s daily operating costs.

The meters offer a wide range of intelligent functions and create added value for both you and your customers!

Your company gets a prompt overview of the energy consumption and production of your customers. Real-time alarm messages and functions such as on/off, over-consumption/production, theft, etc. are immediately transmitted or can be centrally controlled. This allows your company to react quickly and cost-effectively.

Your company can also use the acquired data to offer your customers better and future-oriented products. The data allows you to perform experience-based calculations and analyses.

We have been active on the market as a SAP consulting company for many years and have been delivering solutions to companies in the energy industry for over 15 years. We have extensive expertise and practical experience of the following SAP products:

  • IS-U (Industry Solution for Utilities)
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Interface)
  • PdMS (Predictive Maintenance)
  • AIN (Assett intelligent Network)
  • ASPM (Assett Strategy and Performance Network)
  • SAP Cloud for Energy


​Thanks to our co-operation with the company Evikali we can support you in integrating eviShine into your everyday life. With eviShine you can track, in real time, your ongoing consumption as well as previous energy consumption, on your smartphone, tablet or computer. eviShine products also form the basis for the development of an energy management platform where the individual units are used in a larger context, and data and alarms are integrated with your current solutions.

Many good reasons for electricity meter digitalization

The various functions of smart meters are integrated with your IT systems. This does not necessarily mean major changes to your existing systems. Often only small adjustments are needed to make changes quickly and benefit from the advantages.

Your customers get new and different ways to track their energy consumption, which gives them a different perspective on your products. It creates a new customer experience and changes the way your customers think about and use energy. An otherwise invisible product - electricity - becomes more “visible” to your customers.

Would you like more information about smart meters?

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Here you can see some of the companies we have worked for

Through our many years of experience we have worked with numerous companies in various industries.

Integration of SAP in complex IT environments. We have many years of experience in consulting and developing SAP solutions for companies that produce or sell electricity, gas, water and heat.  

In close co-operation with our customers we have developed numerous mobile solutions. Our customers use them, for example, for the maintenance of oil platforms and ships, buildings and machines. 

Many large electricity providers need to replace their electricity meters with remote meters. Borg IT has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting and support in rollout planning and implementation.

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We offer immediate support from following senior SAP Developer (10 years of experience)

  • ABAP OO, Workflow, IS-U, IDex/Common Layer, Mobile Solutions and System Integration, Migration
  • Availability: Asap 50 % Remote (2,5 days per week)

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